Lawsuit Blames Hyland’s Homeopathic Cold Medicine for Child’s Wrongful Death

Published on March 30, 2017 by Sandy Liebhard

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A Seattle mother has filed suit against Hyland’s Homeopathic, claiming that one of the company’s cold remedies was responsible for her son’s death. The filing comes several months after U.S. regulators warned consumers that homeopathic teething tablets marketed by Hyland’s and others had been linked to hundreds of injury reports, including ten infant deaths.

According to a report that recently aired on KIRO7 News in Seattle, a caregiver had administered Hyland’s Tiny Cold Tablets to Tanessa Desranleau’s 13-month-old son in January 2014. Not long after, she received a terrible phone call.

“They said that I had a family emergency and I have to leave work,” she told KIRO7 News.  “And she says Jay’Breon is dead.  I just like fell on the ground and was crying and screaming.”

According to Desranleau’s attorney, gelsemium sempervirens (also known as bright yellow jasmine or Carolina jasmine) is the primary ingredient in the tablets that allegedly killed the little boy. notes that gelsemium sempervirens is sometimes found in analgesic and homeopathic products. However, its use has been limited due to its toxicity.

“I think this is all the way around a tragedy,” Desranleau’s lawyer said. “Outrageous and something that needs to be brought to light.”

FDA Targets Homeopathic Teething Tablets

In September, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) warned consumers not to use homeopathic remedies manufactured by Hyland’s and others to treat teething pain in infants and children, after such products were tied to 10 infant deaths and hundreds of other adverse events.  According to, the culprit in those cases appeared to be an ingredient called belladonna, a plant that is known to have a sedative effect. However, in large amounts, belladonna is toxic.

The FDA’s warning prompted a number of retailers to remove homeopathic teething medications from their store shelves. In November, Raritan Pharmaceuticals announced a teething tablets recall, after its homeopathic remedies were found to contain inconsistent levels of belladonna. No adverse events were linked to those products.

In January, the FDA announced that it had confirmed inconsistent amounts of belladonna in Hyland’s Teething Tablets. The agency has asked the company to recall the products. However, it has not agreed to do so.

Bernstein Liebhard LLP is investigating teething tablet lawsuits involving seizures, deaths and other adverse events linked to homeopathic products. To learn more, please call (888) 870-9331.

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